London Artist

Paul Rinne is of Estonian parentage, was born in Yorkshire, England, and now lives in Wimbledon, London.

Artist Statement

Human beings, even at rest, are constantly in motion. My recent work focuses on capturing this. 

I observe and explore the human figure during movement in different environments. Nothing remains the same, not even for an instance, a concept of transience (a passing in space-time) or ‘non-stillness’. 

I capture subjects through ‘automatic’ (without looking at the paper) or ‘semi-automatic’ sketches in a matter of seconds, developing them into paintings. The final semi-abstract figures in motion capture that moment in space and time.

Art Training and Experience


Paul trained at Leeds College of Art in the late 60’s and in Fine Art at Cardiff College of Art in the early 70’s. His work ranged from large wall paintings, to sculptures and performace art. 

Rock musicals

On leaving art school Paul formed his own rock musical theatre company whilst touring the working-man clubs of North East England with a rock ‘n’ roll band he formed with his brother.


At the beginning of the 80’s Paul became a teacher of art and photography, eventually finishing his educational career designing schools. Throughout his professional career Paul continued to produce his own work.


Paul completed both a MA (1993) and a PhD (2000) at Surrey University. His MA looked at the value of visual arts in education, whilst his Doctorate centred on the idea of ‘graphicacy’ - the use of drawing/image-making as a tool for learning.